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Tokyo, Japan.

The presumed technological-capital of the world, Tokyo presents with it an exceptionally interesting appeal; merging both innovation and tradition. Amidst the clean streets and circuit-part vendors, one will undoubtedly be taken aback by the overwhelming number of cosplayers and Japanime caricatures strewn about the city. The only troubling part, however, being a predominantly English speaker, is found in trying to navigate through transit; as one can quickly become set-off-course by the indistinguishable kanji and lack of Western alphabet anywhere to be found in Tokyo's convoluted transit way.

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Vatican City.

Jumping around the world in rapid succession, going from one spiritual location to the next, it's interesting to see the undeniable parallels between ancient ruins and our modern day ones. A thousand years from now, should the Vatican see the way of other ruins found in Cambodia, Greece and Peru, curious minds will sit and wonder with awe at how people from the past could have possibly built such amazing structures with low-grade technology, complete with fanciful dogmas and doctrines that were expected to be followed with austerity.

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