Santorini, Greece.

The New-Atlantis Of Santorini, Greece

Enshrouded in both myth and mystery, Santorini is believed by many to be the location of the lost city of Atlantis. Initially made up of one giant landmass, later splitting into five separate islands due to a cataclysmic volcanic eruption, it is understood that the Minoan civilization used to live on these lands; a culture which most attribute to being the actual Atlantean race.

**Backgrounder: Santorini, formerly known as Thera, is regarded as being the ‘Pompeii of Ancient Greece’; a once-teeming civilization falling victim of the world’s largest volcanic eruption in recorded history. Taking place at the height of the Minoan civilization, some 3,600 years ago, this both violent and devastating catastrophe is what had led to the erradication of the Minoans, fuelling the mythical tale of Atlantis. It has been said that if you look down from the highest point on Santorini on a clear day, you can still see the remains of this lost city floating just beneath the surface.**