Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Portrait Of A Novice Monk At Wat Chedi Luang In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Definitely one of my most favourite portraits ever taken. After agreeing to be photographed, this little novice monk instantly began putting on the most O.G. mean-muggin' face I had ever encountered while visiting Thailand.

**Backgrounder: Becoming a monk in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is an opportunity open to all individuals seeking 'the way' or 'a path out of suffering'. Often times, these individuals will turn to the monastic life because (1) they are poor and becoming a monk alleviates them from starvation, lack of shelter, and school debt, as each of these is covered via donation by the public, or (2) these individuals are looking to bring honour and good luck to their families, as becoming a monk is seen as a 'good offering' and is typically expectated of Thai peoples at some point in their lives. At the novice level, male novices are subject to 10 rules (8 for females). At the monastic level, male monks are subject to 227 rules (311 for females).**