Montana, United States.

Exploring 'Sno-Mad' Culture At Lost Trail In Montana, United States

One of the more interesting free-spirited communities I have encountered; the 'sno-mad's of Lost Trail in Montana, United States, are a unique band of adventurers chasing inspired sources of both powder and stoke.

**Backgrounder: Open primarily during the winter season, Lost Trail Powder Mountain employs seasonal workers with lively personalities, a passion for powder and an adept ability to carve. Situated between Montana and Idaho within the Rocky Mountains, Lost Trail Powder Mountain boasts a summit of over 8,200 ft above sea level, 900 acres of skiable land, 45 runs and 8 ways to get to the top of each mountain. In short, there is no shortage of snow to be left un-carved. Often times, these seasonal 'sno-mad's will collectively rent out bungalows in neighbouring towns; sharing in all aspects of the comforts of home. From spare mattresses, to hot showers, to sandwich spread, this jovial band of snow-gypsies are always ready to give what little they have for a good time and good vibes.**