Aklan, Philippines.

Back To Nature With The Islanders Of Aklan, Philippines

Arguably one of the most homey, easy going and presence-filled places one could choose to spend their time; what makes the island peoples of Aklan, Philippines, the most intriguing is not their structures, inventions, or mercantilism, but their character, beliefs and way of life.

**Backgrounder: Regarded as being one of the most hospitable cultures, dating back to their initial encounters with the Spanish in 1564, the Philippine peoples possess an indomitable, almost happy-go-lucky spirit with regards to the realities of life; to be present in whatever it is that you, while choosing to uphold your smile, despite any outcome. Living for today, because tomorrow is uncertain. Generally a proud, respectful and resilient nation, the Philippine peoples emanate a hard-working demeanour that places 'God' at the pinnacle of everything they do. Within the country of Palau, the Philippine peoples are also known as 'chad ra oles', which literally translates to 'people of the knife'. Rightfully so, as this term dates back to a time when - though even still - most Filipino people carried around with them a jungle bolo. Not just for work, but as a sign to others that they were employed; seeing the jungle bolo as a badge of honour. Hence, it will also come as no surprise that Filipino people have derived one of the most deadly martial arts systems (arnis); the art of knife fighting, now practiced with a stick.**