Machu Piccu, Peru.

The 'Great University' Of Machu Picchu Located Atop The Mountainous Region Of Cusco, Peru

Arguably one of the most well-maintained ancient wonders positioned high atop the mountainous region of Cusco, Peru; Machu Picchu sits at an astounding 2,430 meters above sea level.

**Backgrounder: Discovered by German businessman, Agusto Berns, in 1867, Machu Picchu was once a prestegious university situated atop the mountain ranges of Cusco, Peru. It is said that all future-leaders and spiritual teachers from around region would come to live at the university in order to learn about various subjects ranging from: proper leadership skills, science, medicine, botany, astrology and philosophy. Upon completing their studies, these adepts would then return to their respective villages in order to become important leaders and influencers. Interestingly enough, due to the site's positioning, it took the modern world a considerable number of years to finally discover this ancient wonder; attesting to the tremendous ingenuity and architectural design of Machu's original creators. During the Spanish conquest of Peru, however, the Inca peoples in charge of this site wound up fleeing the university in order to take refuge in the amazon jungles bordering Peru and Brazil.**