How Do I Become Enlightened?


Enlightenment is perspective gained through wisdom.

It’s as simple as that.

To become Enlightened is to first ask yourself, “what do I want to become Enlightened to?” and then go out and find your answers through discipline, commitment and the courage to not be afraid of what you might find.

How much do you know? How much do you want to know? We are on an infinite swim towards a non-existent shore. The first step to Enlightenment is to educate yourself on whatever it is that you want to be Enlightened to in the first place.

Truth be told, a lot of what we want to become Enlightened to actually takes a tremendous amount of courage to find. Why are we here? Don’t be afraid to find out that it is all just happenstance, propelled forward by our belief that there is supposedly something greater out there ahead of us. Who am I? Don’t be afraid to look deep into your own belief systems, only to find out that you are none of these, but the figment you choose to believe for yourself.

Enlightenment is perspective gained through wisdom. Wisdom is attained through Knowledge + Experience*.

What does it mean to be an Enlightened Being?

It’s one thing to have a flash of inspiration, of insight, of knowledge; but to ingrain that into your very being takes work. It takes repetition. It takes practice—it is a practice. The practice of reminding yourself of that which you must not forget, to the point that it is ingrained in every fibre of your being. When it has become a reflex; a muscle memory; a habit.

In truth, we are all already Enlightened. We all have perspectives relative to that which we once knew. The question is: how much perspective do you wish to gain?

Many are called, few choose to answer. It takes both courage and discipline to walk down the path of the Enlightened. It takes the work and repetition of that knowledge to instil it into every aspect of your life.

True Enlightenment comes when you finally put down the book and commit to practicing all that you have just read.

-keep reading.