Knowledge + Experience.


Correlation is not causation.

In life, “Learning” can be divided up into two camps, the knowledge camp and the experience camp; with one camp supposing that they reign supreme over the other.

The knowledge camp is strictly theoretical. They’re the theologians; individuals who have studied the possibility of god, but never met him. It’s what separates someone who understands how to break a brick with their hands, but has never actually done so.

On the other hand, there is the experience camp. All this camp cares about is having a direct experience with something, then defining that experience using their very limited knowledge of what could have transpired. This is the person who has met god, but has never studied the endogenous properties of psychedelics or DMT in the brain. It’s what separates someone who has broken a brick with their hands, but chalks it up to spiritual mumbo jumbo, crystals and chakras.

Without exploring both knowledge and experience in life, we become extremely limited in our full understanding of the events that have just transpired. Without both, we cannot achieve real truth—or become wise to the situation at hand.

Life is a constant balance of opposing energies; an effervescent flux and flow; two halves that forgot they were a part of the same whole.

So, deeply seek out your own knowledge in life—but, by that same token, pursue the experience of that knowledge and vice versa. Because without both, two halves to complete the same whole, we are just lost in the gap of Supposition.

-become wise.