My Life, A Video Game: An Exercise.


Filters of perception are always so fascinating to think about.

We can peer through a TV screen and play out the lives of various characters through video games and movies, or even peer into our Mind’s Eye and think ourselves to be whoever or whatever we want to be. But, it will never be as real as it is than through the eyes of our immediate perception in this moment.

Will we ever hit a point in time where Virtual Reality is so indistinguishable from the real thing that we aren’t sure if we’re playing a video game or living out the real thing?

Life is a video game.

Turn on your iPhone and put it in Video-Record mode. Now place that screen in front of your face and peer through the eye of the camera at the world around you (this actually works better if you have a VR-headset to attach your iPhone to). What, then, is real, but a perception of your own reality?

Real can be as big or as small as you believe it to be.

We are each playing out a video game that we call Our Lives; the only difference is, some of us are allowing the  video game to play us—taking for granted the infinite opportunities and wonder all around us at every moment—when we should really be playing the video game to its fullest while it lasts.

You only have one life.

-will it be a trilling adventure, or a mundane stop before the next ride?