Educating And Quelling The Mind.


Often times in spirituality, we conflate the idea of Enlightenment and Samadhi. However, they are two very distinct, yet connected halves of the same whole.

Enlightenment (or Satori) is perspective gained through valuable insight. It can be achieved through an experience, a memory, or even a thought. That is why the sages will often say, “Enlightenment can happen in an instant,” because a flash of insight always lends perspective.

Samadhi (or Zazen) is a state of no-mind. It is what contemporary scientists attribute to being a state of “Flow”. It is a state in which your Consciousness (Active Awareness) has become so enthralled in the present activity that you are engaged in that time just seems to slip away.

Enlightenment and Samadhi are not the same thing, but they are certainly connected—in both practice and purpose.

When embarking on the meditative process, you will pass through Enlightenment on your way toward Samadhi (with Samadhi being the highest point in the activity).

It is because we have a mind that we seek out Enlightenment. It is the mind that needs to be educated, inspired and—ultimately—Enlightened. 

We need Samadhi because the mind can often get out of hand. A mind consumed by the Pursuit of Knowledge never finds satisfaction; and it is only when we let go of looking do we find what it is that we were searching for in the first place… peace.

The combination of the two make what is known as Tao (or Harmony).

Life is a constant flux and flow between using our mind and letting it go; achieving Satori and then resting in Zazen. It is a balance; a union; an expression of Harmony played out and experienced by us, the end user; the Player One; the pilot in the passenger seat to our lives.

“To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.”

-float on.