Where Do We Go When We Die?


A question that has plagued the human mind for eons; and yet, it has been answered for centuries now—we just find it hard to listen!

Where do we go when we die? How can you possibly leave something that you are and will forever be a part of? We are simply the wave that forgot that it was a part of the ocean.

Where do we go when we die? Where is there for anything to go in a universe that contains everything inside of it? We are the universe realizing and enjoying itself.

It is only the mind that dies*, but the essence of us remains. In our energy; in our memory; and in our past deeds.

Think about it, without the body (the cerebral cortex*, in particular) we cannot recall the feeling or experience of anything; let alone, attach to it. It is only the mind; the body; the brain; that has the ability to recall any feeling or experience—and, thus, create separation. 

Consciousness (our Active Awareness) is the Infinite Animate Energy of the known universe and the mind is the mirror upon which that consciousness can reflect. No mirror, no identification state, no you, non-separation.

So, where do we go when we die? What do you mean by, “go”?

-energy cannot be created nor destroyed; only transferred and transformed. This is the ‘Circle of Life’.