Remembering Your Inner Child.


Jan. 4, 2016, Toronto, ON - Think back to your childhood summers and what truly made you happy. Back before there were office deadlines, daily priorities and social norms to enslave the mind. What we did then was exactly what we wanted to - and that was as good enough a reason as any.

What we chose to do as kids, affected very little by our responsibilities (making our beds, cleaning up after ourselves and doing homework), is ultimately what made us the most happy in that moment. Back when the moment was all that we cared about. To be at peace in the present is to pursue what was once known, but now forgotten, and to manifest our lives towards that; our greatest freedom and expression of the self.

The banker that hates their current job always used to love playing basketball as a child. The person peddling stock prices on the NSX once loved to spend their time figuring out how to cook. The unhappy office worker pushing paperwork used to love finding pencils and pens just to draw what they could imagine with their mind's eye. Remember your childhood happiness and pursue that. Life is surprisingly too short to waste it doing something other then what you truly believe in and inspires you the most. Do what it is that sets your soul on fire.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; playing basketball, learning how to cook and drawing are not very viable lifestyle choices in this day and age. One must eventually "learn to grow up". Is it grow up, or get better? The basketball player who once devoted themselves may have found themselves to eventually play in the NBA, or coach a team, or even ref. The cook, amidst their selfless pursuit, finding their way to becoming a world renowned chef, or restaurant reviewer, or even a restaurant owner. And the artist, continually finding freedom in creativity, a breath-taking and imaginative painter, or a graphic designer, or - better yet - a marketer. All of these prospects, on a daily pursuit towards becoming better at their craft. What we choose to do on a daily basis will eventually be what we become.

When you really stop to think about it, it is our decision as to what we want to spend our time pursuing. If you are unhappy with your current situation, change it. If you are uncertain, remember. In life, we are never truly stuck, we simply haven’t figured out the best way of crossing the chasm just yet.

So, spend more time with your self, get to know your self a little better, and start remembering just who it is that you were meant to become. In every moment, pursuing what it is that sets your soul on fire; forever doing what serves you the most.