It All Starts With The Breath...


Jan. 2, 2016, Toronto, ON - The breath: our most essential, energetic resource for sustaining all life. So subtle that we hardly ever stop to think about it.

Everything in this universe takes on the form of energy. Deceptively esoteric in name, the word energy can appear so new-age to some that it distracts from one simple, most basic truth: that we are all energetic beings. When we are angry, we lash out. When we are happy, we dance. When we are sad, we cry. When we are scared, we shake. When we are joyous, we laugh. When we zoom in to any solid, every molecule in its being is in a perpetual state of motion. Empirically, everything in this universe contains some form of energy. An infinite vibration, visually expressed in a sine-like wave. From sound, to water, to light, to solid matter - even our thoughts - everything emits a unique, vibratory and energetic frequency.

So, what are our emotions, but resonant energies trapped inside of us, manifesting themselves as an idea that we can think, act on and feel? When these energies have become so compounded, we can begin to lash out, dance, cry, shake or even laugh. Each of these expressions, all in an effort to return our energetic bodies to a state of homeostasis. 

As we are each intent on not letting these energies get the better of us, we are in need of some sound and tested method for policing and expelling these trapped energies, affording our higher selves the driver's seat and ability for control.

Watch the breath. Follow the breath. Experience the breath. When one learns to slow down their own actions long enough; move in a way that helps release these energies further; breathe in a way that helps surrender these energies to the greater energy that surrounds; and focus long enough to un-focus on the internal battle within, we can begin to allow what's inside, out - rather than bottling it up, only to have it later explode when it's least expected.

Only when we have become conscious, through the consciousness of the breath, are we ever afforded any room for control.

The breath is our window into control. The ability to focus until we can un-focus. A sound and tested method for charging up and calming what needs to be charged up and calmed. So, the next time you find yourself not-so-in-control of your own internal energies, having allowed the energy that is trapped within to take control and not the other way around, simply train your awareness on your own breath. Slow it down, speed it up, focus on it long enough so that you can un-focus it. This is the most basic, yet overlooked method for controlling and regulating what is and will always be that surrounds - energy - ensuring that we can learn to co-exist in this physically metaphysical universe that we are not only a part of, but are.

All of it, starting with the breath.