Something Worthy Of A Re-Run.


Dec. 29, 2015, Toronto, ON - What action or choice will serve you the most in this moment? Notice, I didn’t ask you what you wanted to do, or what would benefit you the most, I simply asked what would do you the most service in this moment?

Choosing the right action in every given moment - the action that truly serves you the most - is the best way in life to start living a story that you can be proud of; a life that, if watched over by you (because it is), would be instantly replayed on its completion. Most of us choose the action in each moment that grants us the means to (a) enjoy the moment for its fleeting experience, all at the expense of what we truly want, or (b) mask our fear of doing the right thing because we are too afraid to realize who we are fully capable of becoming.

Homework, granted, is not always the most desired thing. However, one must complete what one must complete because it will serve us the most in the end. Taking the low paying job now, not because the low paying gig will benefit you in the present moment as compared to the higher paying gig, but because it will serve you in achieving your greater calling, is the choice that will serve you the most in that situation. A decision that we know to be true, but are unwilling to commit to, due to some deep rooted and unrealized fear.

To know one’s true self is to know what is best for you in every given situation. To follow your own path, your own dreams, your own ambitions; or to let the movie play out in the theatre of your predetermined life, as directed by others - a hidden war that we each face in our passing day to day. A decision in every moment that takes us from here to here, only to realize that we have never left.

Ultimately, our human experience is just that - it is an experience. One which we are fully capable of shaping, reforming and moulding to our liking, so long as we have the courage to do what truly serves us in each passing moment.

Unfortunately, what often serves us is seldom the easiest. We tend to fear the most appropriate choice, or even fear the person that we may become because of it - our true, authentic self - because we are unwilling to face the hardship that goes along with it. We can be tempted away by glowing opportunities that later reveal themselves to be false paths, merely appealing to our desire for the quick and easy. What often serves us and what is truly the right thing to do are rarely ever so easy to follow. This is because what serves us and what is right often takes the most time. It is methodical, it requires testing, it is a discovery and knowing of who we truly are.

It is only by testing, by knowing, by experiencing, the true us - unclouded by any feeling states which can distract the mind - will you ever come to a state of truly knowing what serves you and what doesn’t. To truly listen to that little light which speaks softly inside of you requires just a bit of silence. And yet, silence can be the most difficult, but most meaningful self-discovery of the Self.

Silence is our greatest teacher, because it is only through silence that we can ever really listen.

When it is your time, as everything in this world comes to an end, will you honestly be able to say to yourself that you lived a memorable movie worthy of re-living; or will you let another life pass by, unassuming as the tides of predisposition get washed over you? The really good movies rarely ever come the easiest.