Practice Makes People.


Oct. 17, 2015, Ottawa, ON - Life is about habits. What we choose to do on a daily basis becomes our practice, and therefore, what we become better at most of all. What we do, we reinforce; what we do, we strength; what we do, we become.

A lot of people often talk about seeking out something better for themselves other than what they are currently doing; they want to make a change, they want to become better. But how can you ever affect change if you continue to stick to doing the same old thing day after day? We’ve become so focused on what we want to become that we often forget what we are becoming.

The best way to enact change is to be change. Do what you want to do, daily, and you will have become that - as the sheer act of pursuing is what makes you that.

Lets take, for example, someone wishing to become a photographer. The most sound advice? Go out and shoot, daily.

Does this make you an amateur, a professional? Regardless, the sheer act of doing makes you a photographer. In essence, you've become what you've always wanted.

Hoping, wishing and dreaming to be better will never make you better, only action will.

Be action-ful, be in the pursuit of you, and create what it is that you want to be in this wold.

Greatness is never really achieved, it is only realized. 

So ask yourself, what do I do on a daily basis
- and am I happy with that?