Spirited Away In Chiang Mai City.

A welcome meeting space for spirituality and tourism, Chiang Mai City in Thailand hosts perhaps some of the most authentically genuine and hospitable cultures on the planet. Though tourism does play a major role in this region's development, spirituality is still maintained throughout, as most temples are made open and free to the public; some even hosting what is colloquially known as "Monk Chat" — an open opportunity to engage with eager monks studying english, while at the same time affording yourself the liberty of learning about life as a devout student of the monastic life.

Touring around Chiang Mai City, you will quickly notice that there is no shortage of friendly faces, as most locals will excitedly trade stories with you and share in the opportunity to engage in good conversation. With such an open and welcoming atmosphere, there is no worry of venturing out on your own, as you will soon find may enthusiastic backpackers and red cab taxi trucks and tuk tuks roaming the streets, ready to help you to where you need to go.

So, whether it be shopping at local markets, partaking in a few Muay Thai matches, or reconnecting with the comforts of Western society, Chiang Mai City in Thailand is certainly a must-see when planning your next expedition around Asia.