Hong Kong's Balance Of Opposites.

Exemplifying a true balance of opposites, Hong Kong presents some of the most juxtaposed ideals contrasted side-by-side.

At the heart of all spirituality, there is immaterialism. At the heart of all materialism, there desire. True spirituality is devoid of any desire; and yet, so it stands, we find the spiritual juxtaposed and playing within our desire. We see sacred temples encompassed by lofty high-rises and the lingering scent of million-dollar investments.

Such is the beauty and the lesson of Hong Kong. A true representation of duality, set in the heart of one of today's major investment trading hubs; you can see bankers making their way to temple, and the ones at temple selling off trinkets to make a dollar. The real lesson here is not found in the contradictions, but in the paradoxes. What can one gain without ever having anything to help gain it? Mouths need food and backs need clothes; we live in a world of contrast — in a world of materialist duality.

The real lesson here is not that we live in a world cast in lulling black-and-white, but a world of duality that is colourful and should be celebrated. In life, we need both. We need the kind and the cruel; the victimized and the victor; the soft to ultimately make way for the hard. All life, as it is perceived, is a duality. All life, as it is perceived, is a contrast. All life, as it is perceived, is a maxim of truth just waiting to be realized. All life... All life...