Exploring Divinity In Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The name for god is many. The crux of spiritual wonder and mysticism, divinity comes with no shortage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. From various spaces to manifestations of worship, Thailand boasts some of the highest spiritual reverence across Asia, truly believing and revering the spirit in all things. A sacred focal point for devout asceticism and pious practice following the way, monks can be found scattered about the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, performing various acts of worship and engaging in daily walks of poverty; in which they will trade blessings for offerings of food, money and clothing.

It is interesting to note that, despite the many preconceived notions that Buddhist monks worship the Buddha, this is actually furthest from the truth. Seen as the great teacher, the various depictions of Buddha are merely a method of transmitting lessons learned from their great teacher. Smiling Buddhas depicting an appreciation for all things and solemn Buddhas depicting awakedness.

Many similarities can be drawn between Hindu and Buddhist architecture in the various depictions of divinity. Though, this comes as no surprise, as Buddhism actually spawned out of Hinduism — the Buddha initially being a Hindu prince who fell out of favour with his position after witnessing human suffering on a level he could not control. Buddha's way out of suffering eventually became the 8-fold path; a series of teachings to help free all human beings from mental and physical suffering.