Powering Up Your "Big Mind".


Now, before you go all spiritualist on me, or become deluded by the click-bait of the potential at a “Bigger Mind” (thinking to yourself that you somehow may achieve some altered, more hierarchal state of consciousness), understand that by “Big Mind”, I mean awareness, and by “Little Mind”, I mean impulse.

Awareness is the ability see beyond what is merely being observed. To become sentient of things that you would otherwise not have become aware of in that moment. Take, for example, your arm. Outwardly, it is an arm just like any other. Now, take it a step further… What does your arm “feel” like? Is it sore? Is it tired? Is it limber? To become sentient, or consciousness, of what surrounds you is the ability to tap into your awareness, or “Big Mind”.

The “Little Mind”, by contrast, is your auto-pilot. It’s going about your day-to-day with little-to-no idea of what is actually going on around you. It is used when you drudgingly make your way to work, order a coffee, or stand in line at the movie theatres. It is the mind that is there to govern you when all other faculties are set to “cruise”. The problem with the “Little Mind”, however, is that it can be hijacked. Marketers (like myself) love it when you operate using your “Little Mind”. It is what has made the notion of “Sex Sells” so popular! Don’t think, just consume! Passion, pleasure, and perversion, are all agents to help hijack the “Little Mind”.

The interesting part about this “Big” vs. “Little Mind” concept is that, at any point, you can engage your “Big Mind” in order to supersede over your “Little Mind”. Have you ever caught yourself mid-angry-tirade and said, “Wait, what am I doing?” Have you ever taken a moment to truly observe what was going on around you on your bus ride to-and-from work? Have you ever taken your coffee from the barista, only to notice just a hint of sadness hiding behind their smile that you decidedly ask them how their day is going? That is the “Big Mind” kicking back in.

The mind (functioning off of the brain), like any other organ in the body, is a muscle. You can strengthen it and you can diminish it. However, that’s not to suggest it can never get stronger after having suffered from atrophy for (let’s say) 25 years of your life… All you have to do is engage it and it'll get going again!

You see, the more you engage your “Big Mind” in favour of your “Little Mind”, the stronger you will get at becoming more conscious, more sentient and more aware of what surrounds you in your life. There’s no magic trick, there’s no mantra, there is only the practice of doing work 'now'.

So, start today, start 'now'; start to take back some control over your (perhaps) auto-pilot life. 

—trust me, your “Big Mind”, and the world, will thank you for it!