Listen... The Universe Is Talking To You... Can You Hear It?


Pareidolia is the mind’s innate ability to create meaning and formulate patterns out of any arbitrary set of variables. It is perhaps the most essential human capability which has allowed us to move froward from the stone-age, into the hunter-gatherer, agricultural, and industrial ages. This survival mechanism has aided in the creation of art and various other belief systems we carry with us to this day.

To witness this phenomena for yourself, take a look up at the clouds. From this arbitrary set of variables (the clouds moving across the sky) what do you see? A lion? A tiger? A bear? Oh my! Interestingly enough, we each experience this unique expression of pareidolia individually and communicate that both inwardly and outwardly for ourselves and to another. First, you see the pareidolia. Then, you communicate your experience inwardly to yourself, “I see a lion”. From there, you communicate that same experience outwardly to a friend, “It’s a lion.”

You are also the universe. Despite what you may think of yourself (both grandiose or morose) all of the elements found within the periodic table (and, in effect, the known universe) can also be found in you. From the big bang, birthed planets, people, and awareness — what makes you think you’re any greater or lesser than it? Watch your pareidolia…

Circling back, communication is not only an outward-medium, but an internal one as well. As much as we can communicate outwardly to other people, we can also (if not even more so) communicate inwardly to ourselves. Remember how I told you to “watch your pareidolia,” above? What happens when you combine a skewed perspective of the world (the pareidolia) and an internal communication system from you to you? You get the point.

You are literally the universe talking to itself inside of the skin the universe has also created! Yes, the universe is talking to you, and that you is you! What is it saying to you? What signs are directing you forward? What is the universe asking you to do? We are but fractals emanating out of infinity to infinity through the actions we choose for ourselves.

So, is the universe talking to you? Yes. Can you hear it? If you choose to… Just know that it is you acting solely upon you; infinity flickering outward, guiding itself through its own lit candle.

flame on.