The Rocks Begin To Speak.


Feb. 15, 2016, Toronto, ON - You are your own teacher; your own guide; your own path towards illumination.

Only you can discern realized fact from implicit fiction, by first coming to understand that the real truth behind what you "know" is derived from both direct experience and study by you. Knowledge, plus Experience, equals Wisdom. Anything else is either hearsay or unfounded anecdotal evidence. So, be the skeptic; be the scientist; be the student to life; but only do so by also being someone who is willing to go all-in in order just to know. The person who denies without study or experience is a ridiculer. The person who denies, but is willing to give it a try is a scientist. Detached from any preconceived notions, one can open themselves up to the possibility of real learning. The prior, only being someone who is able to swim in the pool of their own cloudiness; one who thinks, without ever really becoming wise. It is only the seeker, the mystic and the scholar as one, who is open and receptive enough to achieve any possibility of real learning. In order to know, one must also do.

The only real truth of life is the one we experience and study for ourselves. Truth is lived, not thought (The Glass Bead Game). What is really right and really wrong --- for you. Coming to understand that all life is a system of contrary opposites within unity.

When one is both open and receptive enough to learn, only then can the rocks begin to speak (Life Cosmic). Everything has a story, a lesson, a universal understanding; but it is up to the student to really listen. Yet, only to ever realize, once more, that the real story, the real lesson, resides within you. You are the lesson; you are the teacher; you are the guide; and you are the path towards your own illumination. Both storyteller and story as one.

In the end, there really is no story, no lesson, no truth, except for the one we have chosen to receive in-mind. All true lessons are derived from within. A teacher may provide, but it is up to the student to receive. Therefore, choose to be mindful of everything, because everything is left open and up to your own interpretation; should you allow it.