Where Did You Get That, And Where Can I Get Some, Too?


Feb. 22, 2016, Toronto, ON - With abundant free time and limitless opportunities to discover our true nature at our disposal, we are each faced with two most pervasive and prevailing questions (1) “What am I most passionate about?” and (2) "What do I want to do with the rest of my life?"

Ultimately, passion is not found, it's realized --- after years of cultivated exemplar-ship and study. Phrases like “You seem to be really interested in that,” and "You're very good at doing what you're doing," can serve as markers for showing us that we are on the right path towards realizing our true passion in life, but it is only by choosing and doing what we love to do in each passing moment that we can stop waiting for passion to "find" us and come to realize that our true passion has been present, through love, all along --- simply by following our heart. What we choose and do, through love, becomes our passion; not what we think and do not do.

So, what am I most passionate about? What do I want to do with the rest of your life? What do I want to be when you grow up? Rather, we should all start asking ourselves: what would I love to do in this moment? Then go and do that. Because *hey* that’s what it's all about, anyways...