From Here To Here.


Feb. 14, 2016, Toronto, ON - The only way through this moment is through this moment. Only to forever remain in just this moment (Life Cosmic).

Time is constantly passing us by. It's the one resource we can never get back, no matter how hard we think we can try. So, stop fighting the moment and just be in it. Everything comes and everything goes, it’s just a matter of time. Think back to youthful Christmas eves. How excited were you to open up all of your presents the next morning? It was almost as if sleep could not come fast enough, just so you could see what Santa had brought for you the next day. And yet, nothing made time move more slowly than wishing the next moment could be this moment.

The only way through this moment is through this moment. Instead of wishing; waiting; or hoping for the moment to pass you by, just be in it. Right here, right now. Thinking mind can only exist in time --- referencing to either the past or the future. When in this moment, there is no mind to be found. There is no time. So, just be here. Experience, accept, and appreciate this moment; for, there will never be another moment like it.

Ultimately, life is a culmination and series of these moments. Both presence and memory in one. Thus, it is up to you as to whether you want to live it, or look upon it. So, just be here, in the now, and don't waste another moment you're never going to get back.