Where Is The Love?


Nov. 8, 2015, Ottawa, ON - Control art and you can control freedom.

Thinking back on previous generations, there is a clear difference between old-school major label pop-anthems heralding the power of truth & Love, and new-school major label radio jams, completely devoid of any true or deeper meaning.

Why is it that, following the big Love-craze of the 1960s, we’ve slowly begun to fall off the music-as-a-movement wagon? From the late 90s, to the early 2000s and beyond, we can clearly see a steep and dramatic decline in the meaningful messages motioned for by major label artists.

Could it be that we, a society full of artists, have suddenly found less to champion for? Could it be that everything has actually become a perfect representation of human-kindness? Is our fight for love and freedom and understanding really over? Not likely. It’s more plausible that major label music has hit a definite low, simply because of major-moolah and corporate greed.

“We’re sorry, you can’t actually talk about that...” “It'd be more profitable for everyone if you just...” “Why don't you start...” “Have you ever considered…”

It seems that we’ve congealed a definite lackluster for the truth in mainstream music, leaving meaningful artists to go underground. To go unsigned

The trick nowadays, for finding good and honest music, is to look for it on the underground. Cyber-literate warriors looking to make a positive social impact on those around them, by putting forth good, honest music with a true message and a unique voice. Artists like Macklemore, unchained from any major label, are better equipped to put out complete messages without fear of reprimand from their proverbial higher-ups. Because there are none.

Want to hear some good music? Search for it on the underground. Want to hear some true news? Look for it in alternative media. Want to hear an honest answer? Look for it within.

As consumers of art and culture and society, we are always inherently looking for a better outlet to voice real, positive, social acceptance, freedom and change. Yet, we will only be able to manifest this by distancing ourselves from the same old social and corporate narratives bouncing around in our modern age; coming into the acceptance of Love. The battleground, it seems, for truth and change is right in front of us. We just have to become awake to it to see it.

- Keep a person ignorant and you can keep them under control. - Dispel your own ignorance by building a better understanding. Through the Self, with the Self and in the Self.