Singapore Flyer, Singapore.

Standing tall as the world's second-largest ferris wheel (initially the world's largest, until 2014 when Las Vegas built a slightly taller one), the Singapore Flyer is described by its operators as more of an observation wheel than a ferris wheel. With its slow moving, sturdy and air-conditioned capsules, this giant wheel is meant to give you less a sense of thrill and more provide you with some nuggets of information about the city; all while gifting you a breathtaking view at the same time.

I suppose what makes this observation wheel so interesting (to me at least) is that it hints (albeit, ostentatiously) at Singapore's previously British rule, as the wheel mirrors London's "London Eye", which was established a mere 7 years earlier in 1998.

That being said, there is no real problem with paying a little homage to your once-colonial heritage and the wheel provides such an impressive (not to mention secure) view of the city that even someone as afraid of heights as myself will find great merit in this relatively cheap, $33 SGD (approx. $31 CAD), ride!