Bugis Street Market, Singapore.

Every country has their own version of a market/bazaar, and Singapore is no different! What was once a seedy sleaze pit, filled with gamblers, prostitutes, and foreign servicemen, has now become one of Singapore's major tourist attractions; where, if you look and bargain hard enough for it, you can get various high quality goods at a mere fraction of the cost. Whether it be keychains, leather crafts, tourist tees or hong kong style food, you can find it here at Bugis! Granted, though the goods are sworn to be authentic, each item's subtle air of low-quality fabric makes one beg to differ...

For those of you travellers more accustomed to Hong Kong, you will feel right at home, as this gathering place for merchants emanates a somewhat Mong Kok type feel. However, for those of you more well-worn travellers, you will undoubtedly see right through the facade and realize it is nothing more than a great place to pick up locally branded goods for your friends and family back home.

Either way, Bugis Market is still an interesting place to visit, and a great venue for picking up those highly sought after trinkets for relatively cheap.

*Note: save the extra charge and pick up your Singapore branded tee from here instead of the Singapore Flyer, should you decide to check out Asia's largest ferris wheel while you're there!*