Sunday Markets In Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Anyone strolling about the lower South-West corner of Chiang Mai's Old City on a Sunday during midday will quickly find that the streets have become overrun with stalls, where even the temple grounds are unsafe from merchants looking to hock their specialty and commodity goods.

From fried food, to iconic Thai shawls and pants, to souvenir knick-knacks you give out to your friends when retuning back home, to even the famed Ocarina (made famous by Nintendo's Zelda series), you can always find something of potential value from one of these vendors. The ironic part, however, is that for every prized diamond, there are about a thousand cubic zirconias. Though, this does make bargaining much easier when knowing that, if the stall you’re currently negotiating at says “no”, you can always find one just a couple of feet down begrudgingly ready to say “Okay... Fine... Sure…”