Exploring the Outback Of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The highlight of the Chiang Mai region in Thailand, the outback of Chiang Mai hosts some of the most breath-taking and riveting landscapes, instilling a true sense of peace and serenity in all who are able experience it. Demonstrating a most-perfect union between nature and man (though the essence of man is nature), one cannot help but feel both inspired and spirited away by the natural energetic pull of the region, as well as the adept utilization of farming and resource management.

It is here that eager tourists looking for a more exoctic experience will also get their fix. From long neck tribes, to snake handlers, to elephant rides, to monkey shows, to crocodile tamers, to playful tigers, the outback of Chiang Mai, Thailand, will thrill even the most adventurous of seekers.

As a unique point of interest, we also see the contemporary use of terraces, made popular by the Moray region in Cusco, Peru; giving rise to the notion that it wasn't just the Inkas who knew how to integrate such technologies. Perhaps, by learning to unify both the old and the new, we can finally find a more effective solution to both world hunger and the appropriate balance of resources.