Waking Life — Postcards Around T.O.

(Scarborough, Toronto.)

We wander so far only to realize that we haven’t even taken the time to appreciate the beauty in our own backyard. The grass is greenest where we stand, not where we are looking to go.

Wistfully transitioning from one daydream to another — commuting to work, sitting in traffic, ordering a coffee at the local Starbucks — we’ve come to associate daily living with the motions and not actually being present and a part of it. You don’t need a camera to appreciate the moment, and sometimes the moment is taken away by one. Simply sit in wonder and awe at all that surrounds you in your waking day; and save the wonder and awe of dreaming to carry you into the night. But, if we are all living a dream, then just know that becoming lucid is also possible during the day. We can become awake to this moment. Right here, right now.

So, wake up, witness, and appreciate the body and the place that you are in. We are all beings of consciousness continually looking to experience true magic. Well, it’s right here, right now. See it. Feel it. And, if you’re lucky, become it.

Everything in a state of now. Everything right here, right now.