The People Of Hanoi.

(Hanoi, Vietnam  —  2016.)

Shrouded in both mystery and misconception, the people of Hanoi in Vietnam are some of the most hospitable, resolute and hard working people within the Asia Pacific. Typically averaging around 12-hour long days for minimal pay, the life of a Vietnamese person in Hanoi is that of living or dying by one's own cunning and skillful determination. Working to live, while enjoying the free moments until it's time to go back, the Vietnamese people can be seen till all hours of the night at street vendor stalls taking in a sidewalk meal or a leisurely smoke. There is certainly no shortage of disciplined work ethic here, as the economy of Hanoi touts an astounding unemployment rate of only 2%. With such a troubled past and rapidly growing economy with eager workers at the ready, the Vietnamese people are unquestionably working hard towards ensure their country makes it back on top!