What Is Prana?


Prana, or "Life Force Energy", has gone by many names throughout various Eastern mystical traditions — Chi and Ki being two of the most commonly used names in the Toaist and Shaolin traditions. But what exactly is Prana? 

In the yogic tradition, pundits describe Prana as emanating through all aspects of reality. These various aspects include: food, water, air, environment, connection to a higher source, right action, symbology (also know as yantra) and mantra (continuous repetition of a sequential phrase).

However, taking a step back in order to demystify the mystical, one could also assert that Prana is nothing more than “any stimuli which elicits a chemical response within the body.” Ergo, as everything serves as a stimulus to everything else, and all stimuli provokes a chemical response, one can rightly assert that Prana is, in fact, in everything — because it is everything. When two subjects are placed in front of each other, they act as stimuli for the other; thus, everything (by reciprocation) becomes its source of Prana.

Let's now take a look at how this principle can be applied by listening to the song: "Alabama Shakes — Hold On."

Music has always served as a great medium for Prana, as the salient subjectivity of sound can either be interpreted as Prana-enriching or Prana-diminishing; depending on the receiver. For those of you who are partial to this kind of music, you will certainly derive great Prana from listening to it. However, for those of you who tend to shy away from this kind of music, you will no doubt lose Prana from hearing it.

If Prana like this is so subjective, are there any overall Prana-enriching stimuli which are universally uplifting? Yes. No one has ever denied the great many benefits associated with good sleep, fresh air, and exercise. How about overall Prana-deminishing stimuli? Yes, as well. It’s hard for anyone to deny feeling terrible after having been yelled at or talked down to by another person...

How about internal sources of Prana, where there is no visibly identifiable stimuli? Actually, that's a trick question, because your thoughts in this case would become the stimuli. Want to enrich your life-Prana-experience? Think positively. Want to diminish it? Think negatively. Both will elicit some chemical response in the body to make you feel more happy, strong and healthy; or sad, depressed and lazy.

So, what's the biggest takeaway from realizing this "realistic understanding" of what Prana truly is? Well, you can now take the steps in your life to shape your surroundings and become more mindful of what it is that you ingest (this includes your thoughts) for a better quality of life! Ultimately, the more Prana-enriching things we surround ourselves with, the better!

Thus, take control of your life; take control of your Prana. Build a better "you" by giving yourself a "Pranic-advantage".

—It's your life, it's your Prana, it's always been up to you...