The Lowest Common Denominator.


In life, we can often get so caught up in our own separation that we do not see things for how they truly are; an enacted set of principles extrapolated to create a greater array of derivations.

Let’s say I provide you with a specific principle, “a straight line is drawn by dragging the tip of your pencil from point to point.” In your excitement of learning this new principle, you can quickly forget and become overly fixated on all of the new creations associated with drawing this simple line. “Now I can draw a triangle.” “This is how to draw a square.” “A rectangle is drawn like this.” More derivates expressed through a singular principle.

Ultimately, in order to truly come to understand something in life, we must arrive at the simple by first exploring the complex; so as to ask ourselves, “what is the baser principle at play here?” Are you able to look at two seemingly opposite things and see the unity between them? This method of seeing does not only apply to the tangible (like my straight line example), but the intangible (perceptions we formulate), as well.

When looking at two strangers, what do you see? Do you see an AsianWhite, Black, Hispanic; or do you see a single species evolved out of nature?

When observing your own mind, what do you notice? Awareness fixating on a series of individual thoughts; or a string of ideas which never seems to end?

The realization is that, in order to truly understand something in life, we must learn to focus on the baser principles which underly the superficial — we are all one species; we all have thoughts, feelings and ideas; we all expand outward, endlessly emanating from the "big bang".

By seeing in this way, all of life will have become much more simple; much more easy; much more based on what is true. By seeking out the lowest common denominator in everything that we do, we will have uncovered the truest essence of understanding.

All by seeking out less separation and focusing more on the true nature of "our" reality...

—that it all stems out endlessly, beginning with our own heads.