The Grass Is Greener On My Patch.


Why are they so lucky?
How come their life is so great?
Why do they always seem to find a way?

Most people who are reading this right now will be looking for an out. They are looking for some small piece of prescribed wisdom that will afford them the ability to step out of their own mundane reality and transcend what they are currently doing into what they want to be doing. The illusion is this; there are no words that will get you there — only the hard work and dedication of going.

Simply put, the desire to do something can often outweigh the dedication of actually doing it. We all want what we think is going to solve our problems; failing to ever realize that a problem cannot be solved without first looking deep within ourselves, then solving it for ourselves. No external reality will ever manifest change, because true change is an internal one.

Think of it this way, you can buy all of the Self-Help books in the world, but why are you buying them in the first place? Are you looking for an out, or an outcome

The truth is, when turning to different resources for help, we can often be misled into thinking that we will receive an outcome, when in reality, all we really will receive is an out.

We hope for some grand axiom to enlighten us to the idea that, "this is the way it is because…" "you can become better if…" "the key to progress is…" When in reality, the key to enlightenment is you. You can read all of the books in the world, but if you are not willing to act on yourself through yourself, then nothing will ever change.

The person who got to where they wanted to go in life only got there by whittling away at their craft with an undivided dedication to what they wanted to do in life. For them, sleep wasn’t a priority; food wasn’t a priority; getting there, was.

It is only the dreamer of the night, not of the day, who deludes themselves into thinking that they desire an outcome, when in reality, all they were searching for was an out

So, how can you spot this person (or even tell if it is, in fact, you)?

Look at their perspective of their grass.

Are they constantly looking over at a patch of grass that they only think might be greener? Or are they so focused on making their own patch of grass the greenest it can be?

-water on.