Mental Anchors For Motivation.


Bracelets, trinkets, lucky charms, tattoos.

Why do these bits of memorabilia play such an important role in our lives; so much so, that they have become an essential staple in foreign economics? Think about it: When you go on a trip, why are you so readily eager to pick up a cool new bracelet, invest in a miniature statue, select a sacred ornament or even go so far as to get a new tattoo?

Mental anchors for motivation.

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, these visual markers set up cues in the mind to help it recall a specific emotion, event, or task. They are acute reminders for things we wished to never forget. Hence, their utility as mental anchors.

So, where does motivation come into play? In their reminder, we are compelled (or, rather, motivated) to enact change. Either to restructure a thought, habit or behaviour. 

“I’m doing this for my dead homie…” — you say as you look down at their name tattooed across your arm.
“We’ll be friends forever!” — you say as you tie a friendship bracelet around each other’s wrist.
“This was such a great adventure!” — you think to yourself as you pick up a trinket from a vendor.
“I will connect to the heavenly spirit of the universe.” — you pronounce as you place an Amethyst stone in your pocket.

Each of these, an anchor for motivation set to remind the bearer of something they hoped to never forget each time they looked at it; thereby influencing their contingent mindset and future behaviour.

Are these a good or bad thing? Neither. They are just tools for the human psyche to help it along the journey of life. Some need them, some don’t. Heck, throughout history, we can recall countless statues, amulets and paintings that were revered, yet merely set up to do the exact same thing!

The mind is a funny instrument, in that it allows us to motivate and empower ourselves through an intricate system of self-imposed beliefs — actively engaged through what is scientifically known as the Placebo Effect. No spiritual or supernatural mumbo-jumbo needed, just some good old-fashioned mind acting upon and influencing mind.

-anchor on.