Playing Chicken With Reality.


In life, you’re going to come across a lot of allegers. People who claim, but never have enough follow through, or enough of anything really, to back up what they've said to the very end.

You see this happen a lot in fighting; you see this happen a lot in business; heck, you see this happen a lot in your regular day-to-day!

We all want to dream big, but very few of us are ever secure enough, or ever willing enough, to really follow through on what's been said to the very end. We all want to be lions, but not everyone is able to carry the pride. The real pressure comes when it’s on, and not when you've said it’s going to be on…

Which one are you?

Try playing chicken with reality. Follow the rabbit hole down, as far as it will go, and see who blinks first. Have you just made a claim that you’re now being called out on, of which you don’t really have the fortitude to back up? Or, are you accepting a claim just to see if the other person has the fortitude to make it to the very end?

By playing chicken with reality, you can only make yourself better. By forcing yourself to go up against extreme odds and put all of your chips on the table, you will have allowed yourself the opportunity to grow higher into a new level. There’s only ever really “going up" when you've chosen to take on a new challenge to the very end.

However, as a caveat to all of this, you should know that in order to play the game, you had better be 100% sure of yourself before going "all in"; both in being able to follow through and in being able to walk away when the chips are down and you've rightly called a bluff. Never pull out a knife unless you're ready to use it. Never claim to be able to do something unless you know you can do it — or, at the very least, are willing to see it through to the very end.

So, which one are you? Hopefully the one who's secure enough not to walk away, and the one secure enough to walk away when you know that you’ve already won.

game on.