Lucid Dreaming.


Life is like a dream you’re always on the cusp of waking up from.

They say that something is only as real as long as it lasts — perception is a killer that way.

Like any good dream while you're asleep, you can became swept up in all of the melodrama. “A burglar is chasing me,” “I’m fighting a dragon,” “I'm the king of Atlantis.” Either way, these are all just stories, or narratives, we push onto ourselves and make ourselves believe.

What if you knew you were dreaming? Would you take the unfolding scenario as seriously as you had before, or would you play lucidly; unattached from the outcome of what’s to come?

Lucid dreaming is the ability to realize you’re in a dream, while dreaming, and dictate new choices for yourself based on what you want to do from there; freed from the binds of outcome — for, you know that, soon enough, you’re going to wake up.

What if you knew that all life was a dream? Would you make the same choices you had once made in an effort to survive, or play lucidly towards what you wanted to do in your own made up fantasy?

The truth is, we’re all dreaming. And collective dreaming is what we call society. You are both the dreamer and dream in one. * Wake up * and direct your reality as if it were fantasy (because it is).

So, what would you do if you knew you were in a dream, starring as the lead in your own play called 'Life'? You're already in one.

—keep dreaming.