“I’ll Never Grow Up.”


At some point along the way, we all forget.

We get bogged down by the of myriad of bills, relationships, and obligations that we inundate ourselves with as we get older. We start to become jaded by our own personal life experience and lull ourselves into this idea of ‘it is what it is’.

Now, I’m not saying ‘it isn’t what it is’ (from a happening and acceptance standpoint), what I’m really talking about here is our individual sense of ‘wonder’.

When did we become so habituated to our own life experience that we see it as dull or even boring? When did we stop looking at life as some grand, amazing thing and start to presume that we ‘know what it’s all about’

“All life is a celebration—we’ve just been at the party so long we’ve come to forget it!”

A perspective like this is just a realization. It’s a mental-switch taking one from habituating to daily concerns and chores, and beginning to look at life again with a sense of wonder and excitement.

If you really wanted to, you could drop everything and buy a plane ticket to some remote location on earth and live out the rest of your days as an outsider among some local tribe.

If you really wanted to, you could quit your job and pursue your life’s passion; living as a starving artist until you had inevitably made it or died in the process.

If you really wanted to, you could tell that person that you liked them and enter fully into a relationship built on love, devotion, dedication and respect.

But we don’t really want to.

“Life is how it is.”
”We can’t change it, we can only be changed by it.”
”We’re all stuck.”

Life is whatever you make it out to be. You choose the life you lead. Life is a video game; it’s a movie; it’s a stage and we’re all just actors and actresses playing out our part.

If you refuse to be bogged down by the mundane, then you will be. And if you choose to be brought down by the mundane, then you will be.

“The person who believed that they could and the person who believed that they couldn’t were both right.”-

So, which do you want yourself to be—Player 1 to your own life experience, or just another NPC living out the rat race, building yet another cog for the grand machine?

-just some thoughts from another ‘Lost Boy’ of ’88.