Drobo Scare: Mounting Solution.


[Note: If you don’t own a Drobo*, disregard this post…]

If you’re like me, you’ll agree that data storage is KEY! You may potentially have thousands of photos or video files that you don’t want to get rid of, so you likely opted for (instead of carrying around with you a myriad of hard drives) purchasing a Drobo.

Personally, my Drobo has been one of my all-time best purchases. However, just recently (more like last night and into this morning) my Drobo crapped out on me. Diagnostics read that the Drobo was fine, but it just wasn’t mounting to my MacBook Pro. I suspect what the cause could have been was me not shutting down the Drobo properly before ejecting. I’ve certainly learned my lesson from this one!

So, after scowering the internet forums for solutions, but to no avail, I was worried that I would have to purchase some expensive data recovery software to get my Drobo working again. THANKFULLY, I stumbled upon this video:

In summary, here are the steps that you can try before investing in some additional recovery software which you may (or may not, in my case) need:

1 - Open Disk Utility.
2 - Hit “First Aid” on your Drobo device.
3 - Open “Terminal” on your MacBook Pro.
4 - Paste this code: sudo /System/Library/Filesystems/hfs.fs/Contents/Resources/hfs.util -N /dev/
5 - At the end of the string of code, enter the Device name and hit Enter.
6 - Input your computer password and hit Enter again.
7 - Cloe and Reopen your Disk Utility.
8 - Run “First Aid” again—your Drobo should appear mounted on your Desktop once more!
9 - Highlight your Drobo in Disk Utility, go to File and Enable Journaling.
10 - NEVER forget to eject your Drobo properly, ever again!

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the internet is its growing ability to bridge the gap between those that know and those that do not. Knowledge is the most valuable resource and it should be free for those willing enough to look hard enough—which I did. So, here’s to you, Tony Davenport*, for being a true hero!

-eject wisely, every time.