Never Give A Wizard A Sword.

Managing teams can be exceptionally difficult. It requires the ability to put aside one’s own ego (the self-narrating, storytelling side of ourselves) and view a situation both openly and objectively.

The thing about creating teams is this: we can't always be good at everything. Though the self-narrating, storytelling side of ourselves would like to think otherwise, it is important to judge objectively what it is that we can and cannot do, most authentically. A writer may not be a good public speaker, and the public speaker may never know how to write. An accountant who is good at managing numbers may not fully comprehend the importance of selling a good story, and vice versa.

It is important, in any given situation when dealing with multiple personalities; multiple wants; multiple needs; multiple attachments; multiple egos, to: never give a wizard a sword.

The whole point of the wizard is to cast spells. Not to go out there, weapons ready, trying to slay an infinite series of monsters in one fell swoop with their sword. No, they just weren't built that way. They were meant to sit back, cast spells, and do their best with what they have.

It’s not an egoic thing; it’s the furthest thing from it. It’s about being able to rationally and justifiably say: “Hey, I’m just not very good at that… But, I know someone else who is.”