Moguls Not Manholes.

Life is a lot like a skiing downhill. We often attribute life to being a process quite similar to that of climbing a mountain, but this is actually less similar to the actual function of it. The reason for this is both time in regards to gravity. Anyone who has ever skied or snowboarded downhill knows the full influence that gravity has on your ride. Without even doing anything, you are suddenly being pulled downhill; pulled, quite similarly, like our relationship with time.

The key to navigating through life is this: always look downhill. Despite the pitfalls, obstacles and imposed impediments, it’s import to view these obstructions as mere moguls — and not as manholes.

A mogul is a small mound of snow, compacted to provide a slight elevation in your ride in order for you to get some air time. Navigating a mogul can be quite terrifying; sometimes they appear out of nowhere and suddenly flinging you from your path. That’s OK. Just stick the landing (or un-stick it) and keep focusing on heading downhill. The way down will forever be the way down — so as long as you’re looking straight ahead, you’re good to go.

The thing about manholes is that they’re traps. They STOP your flow. They’re the points in your life when you, instead of being able to stick any sort landing and keep moving forward, get completely jaded; believing 'this is it' for me. It’s not.

While most often, people who fall into manholes find it too exasperatingly difficult to ever climb their way out, decidedly spending the rest of their lives wallowing in their own self-pity, I say this — don't do that! Though it may be exceedingly more difficult, and require more effort on your part, there is always a way out from being stuck in there. Believe it.

In the end, regardless of if it’s a mogul or a manhole, the lesson is clear: we can always find a way to navigate past failure. There is always a way down. Just keep looking forward until you get there; in spite of if life has thrown a mogul or a mahole your way.