Our Most Powerful Resource.


May 8, 2016, Cusco, Peru - Our truest essence. What are we most made up of? Past every creed, colour, nationality, border, culture, race, or distinction; at the very heart of it all, we all just want to be loved. Love is the most powerful and quintessential force, capable of pushing us far beyond what we think we are into what we know we are.

A mother witnesses her son trapped underneath a car --- what force is going to help get him out from underneath? Love. A sickly person pushes past their own discomfort in order to look after another person who needs it even more --- what force is going to grant them the requisite strength to overcome? Love.

Love is our one most universal resource, capable to transcending both time and space; allotting us infinite bounds of energy. No matter where we are in both time and space, we will always have the capacity and the capability to be loved and to be loving. Every decision, every manifestation, every commitment, in its truest form, stems from love.

Granted, we can evoke passion. We can evoke greed. We can evoke lust. And, though these various manifestations may feel quite similar in nature to love, they are not love. These forms are just false reflections set to deceive us over love's truest nature. Because true love is boundary-less. It is to have no limitation. It is to un-attach from any outcome because all outcomes are perfect in their own right; fuelled only by our truest desire. What we want to do and what we are doing. Who we were meant to be and who we want to be. With love, there is no give and take. It is only a purity. It is only a freedom. It is only love.