Bending Time And Space: The Un-interestingly-interesting Power Of Song.


Apr. 21, 2016, Toronto, ON - We all have that one song that, no matter where we go, no matter what it is that we are doing, we will always carry with us; living out, re-living and re-creating completely new memories, transcending both past and future. The great thing about music is that it is timeless. It is ever-evolving. Not just in the genre sense, but also in the ways in which we choose and re-choose to experience it. Old songs, new, music often serves as the cornerstone to our curiously dream-like lives. It is our marker. Listen to a great song that really speaks to you when you are a child, take that same song with you into your teens, and revisit it again when you are a fully-matured adult. Each time you have a listen, you will grow an even greater and deeper appreciation for it as it continues to transform and re-transform you, building up new memories and transporting you back to your past. Music holds with it this boundary-dissolving and empathic quality. It is timeless.

The true wonder of life is that you never quite know where it is that you will end up. Life is so un-interestingly-intereting that way; depending on how you choose to look at it. However, no matter what happens in your life, like a true friend that you never have to check up on, your music will always be there for you --- despite the passage of time; the time spent away; or the inevitable forgetting that occurs, your music will eagerly await your return, just so it can fill you with that same joy it once had.

Music truly is this universe's great unifier. An unparalleled equalizer, traversing both landscapes of time and space; set here to make or break; uplift us or bring us down. And all of this, stemming from the un-interestingly-interesting power of song.