It's All Energy, Maaaaan.


Mar. 7, 2016, Toronto, ON - Bracelets; crystals; gold watches; fancy clothes; beat up cars; t-bone steaks; kale salads; loud music; the wilds of nature; emotions; sunlight. Everything on our plane of existence holds with it some palpable, vibratory frequency. Whether it be the molecules in an ice cream cone, or the light-waves in the colour blue, everything emits some vibration --- even solids never truly remaining still. We are in a universe in motion.

So, what is it about energy? All forms of energy in this universe affect us on both a conscious and subconscious level. If it’s raining out, how will that make you feel? If it’s sunny, how about that? If you're wearing silk? If you're wearing wool? Everything affects us, from the grossest perspective, to the most subtle; it’s just a matter of becoming awake to it. "How exactly will that t-bone steak make me feel after I eat it, as compared to a kale salad?" Do you know? Have you ever even thought to know?

Each of us react differently to different energies in different ways. Some of us like the rain; some of us like the salad --- some of us don’t. When we become awake to the differing energies that we choose to surround ourselves with, we can begin to see how these energies affect us, and on what level. A mastered self is a self that is aware of itself. So, what makes you happy? What makes you sad? We’re all swimming in a giant pool of energy, but few of us ever think to take notice of it. If the first step to change is to know, then why have so many of us laxed in paying any attention? Because energy works invisibly. It needs to be felt, not seen. But this takes a lot of work. This takes a lot of self-knowledge. This takes becoming awake.

Ultimately, as with all things (because energy is all things), energy can be manipulated; it can be transformed; and it can be shaped into what we want it to, through our choice. When we begin to understand the mind --- our main control centre for interpreting all forms of energy --- we can then begin to choose how exactly we want these energies to affect us and why. "It may be raining out, but I don't have to feel sad," "It may be loud out, but I don’t have to get annoyed." When we can become awake to these specific energies and how they make us feel, we can then start to take the necessary steps forward in affecting them; rather than having them solely affect us.

That being said, it's not the easiest thing in the world to do. It takes practice. It takes commitment. It takes determination. However, all sensations; all sensoriums; all energies; all first manifest in-mind --- thus, we must learn the language of-mind in order to control-mind. No mind, no problem. No knowledge, no worry. When we become awake, we become in-control. So, watch the mind and its ways with care. What we think, we believe. What we believe, we become. What we become, we are. What we are, is simply an idea presented in-mind. 

---So, mind wisely.
And don't mind too-often.