Re-assessing "Attachment".


Mar. 11, 2016, Toronto, ON - “All attachment leads to suffering.” The problem is, while engaging in this beautiful world that we all live in, we will inevitably become attached to something. Whether it be our dog; our kids; our spouse; our home; our job; our ideals; our calling; our zest for life; how is one supposed to overcome all attachment if that same attachment can be seen as a good thing? The thing is, attachment is OK --- so long as we're awake to it.

When we are awake to our attachments, and thereby awake to our suffering, we can then see it for what it really is; affording us "choice". The choice to stay attached or to let it go. Suffering will occur (that's inevitable), but that's also OK; as long as we can accept that it will come, and know how to deal with it when it does. Becoming attached, not through ignorance, desire, lust or want; but through an awakened sense of Self.

But, how does one overcome suffering when it does occur? Meditation.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding meditation. Meditation, from its most simplistic perspective, is merely a vacation from the mind. It is a dissolving of the ego by letting go and accepting what is; focusing solely on the breath, until one eventually becomes the breath. When we can see that suffering has arrived, and resolve to stay awake to it, we can then engage in the necessary steps forward to letting that suffering go. We can engage in the practice of meditation. Granted, all suffering will not be alleviated in waking-life on the first go. That is why it's a practice. Meditation allows us to let go of everything for so long as we can hold the space for the state to be had. Thus, by repeating this same exercise in letting go, over and over again, we can slowly begin to loosen the grip that suffering has on the mind.

Attachment is a good thing. It's also a bad thing. Attachment is what fills our life with colour. It's also what takes that colour away. Attachment fuels love; passion; art; creativity; and drive. It's also what fuels jealousy; regret; contempt; hatred; and sadness. It is what provides us with the full-spectrum of human emotion in this human experience, allowing us to see both the positives and negatives of life. As long as we can remain awake to our attachments, and not let them get the better of us, we are in-control.

So, choose attachment --- when it's important; when it's right. Attachment can be a good thing; for so long as we can stay anchored to the practice.