No Mind, No Problem.


Mar. 28, 2016, Toronto, ON - "I wish I could do this," "I want to do that," "but I’m so nervous," "but I can’t do it," "what if I fail?" "What will everyone think of me?" "What will I think of myself?"

Far too often, we find ourselves both seeing and knowing what it is we should do; yet, so few of us ever really find the conviction or the courage to ever follow through. Why? Too much mind. Fear; doubt; uncertainty; worry; supposed respect; social perception. These are all just unproductive, creative considerations of-mind. However, when being truly honest with ourselves, when knowing what it is that we should do - what is truly right for us - then, only the fool holds themselves back from going all-in when they, in their heart, know better. Too much mind.

No mind, no problem. The truth is, we can all become so overly concerned with the little things in life, that we too-often spend our time worrying and wishing over what it is we should have done; rather than living rightly what we have done. In a world filed with worry (a world dominated by-mind), perhaps we should each take some time to just pause and reflect: do I want to live a life filled with regret, or a life that I can be proud of? If you find yourself leaning more towards the latter, then stop worrying and just do it. Go all-in, armed with a conscious state of no-mind. Because in a world supported by no-mind, all you really have is no-regrets.

Be silent; be still; feel; and come to know. We all seek out the best in ourselves; we all seek out the truth --- but only the very few of us are ever really willing to receive it. All of it, stemming from a conscious state of no-mind.