Energy Through Fire.


Mar. 28, 2016, Toronto, ON - Relationships are energy. Interactions are energy. We are energy

What we say, think, feel, and do, manifests itself on a tangible plane of existence --- from which, we can sense, experience, feel and know. In this way, we have all become our own fire-bearers. We each carry with us the uniquely conscious ability to re-energize or depress. To skillfully use our energy, how we see fit, in order to pick someone else up, or bring them back down. With a gentle wave, smile, conversation, or even a slight nod; we can uplift. Or, by looking away, ignoring, being sharp, and bearing ill-will; we can bring down.

We are just energetic-beings, interacting on an energetic plane of experience. We all crave energy. We can either gain it or lose it through every interaction. Vibration; sound; matter; physical touch; even the written word. Energy transfers through and is all forms and mediums. And so, it is up to us how we choose to use it or conjure it. We are all fire-bearers. Energy is what we use-and-are in order to shape and mould what we sense into what we want to see. So, how will you use your energy? --- Will you uplift, or will you bring down? And when being truly honest with ourselves, which of these two bearers do we really want to be? 

--- Stoke wisely. & stoke often.