From Fearful To Fearless.


Feb. 9, 2016, Toronto, ON - Fear. One of the greatest mind-games one could ever engage in. Fear will take hold of your creativity and turn what you think into something more earth shattering than really is. When engaged in this game of fear, you can forever be stuck in the spiral of-mind. Mind is the trap. Fear is the dark, poisonous fog that looms over you, feeding off of your own imagination, turning your highest source of divinity into your biggest and worst case scenario. However, fear stems from nothing more than the unknown. Fear is just an uncertain jet engine, strapped to a rocket, strapped to a ticking time bomb of "I think". So, how do you move past it? You just do.

The only way through this moment is through this moment. By doing, by moving, there is no mind to be found. For, when you are in a true state of doing, you can do nothing except be. Don’t think, just do. Doing is what will get you over the hurdle. Doing is what will advance you from this moment to the next. So, when in a state of fear, just do something about it.

By this simple act of doing, we can begin to exert more control. The mind loves control. If uncertainty is the conductor of fear, control would be its insulator. It is these small victories of control; going to brush your teeth, going to take a shower; going to eat some breakfast, that will help you fast track your way into no-mind. Meditation, photography, painting, reading, mantra, jogging, weightlifting, exercise, helping others, being in good company. These are all states of enjoyable purity towards no-mind. When you leave the mind, you leave your fear. You rejuvenate and remember what you have forgotten that you should not forget.

The caveat to all this, however, is that in waking life, no one can ever be fully void of their fear -- they can only have less of it. Fear is and does act as a good thing; so long as it is us who is channeling this fear and not the other way around.

Presence; awakedness; being ever knowledgeable to our own source of suffering. From in, to out; above, and beyond. Knowing our true selves is always the first step in doing what we want -- moving past and well beyond what we think is our fear.