The Product Of Your Life.


Feb. 10, 2016, Toronto, ON - Look around at the room you are currently reading this in. What do you see? If you could compile a stack of books that you have read, what would that stack look like? Flip through your memories and examine each of the sports that you have played; the schools that you have attended; the clubs that you have joined; the shows that you have watched; your entire system of beliefs. What do you notice? How have you decorated the walls inside your home? Are you currently even sitting in your home? What stories do you like to tell others about yourself during dinner parties and when first being introduced?

We are each a product of our choices. All of our victories, and all of our defeats. Nothing too big or too small to ever go unnoticed. Where did you grow up? What did you do there? What life have you chosen for yourself? Far too often we overlook two most salient and self-evident truths: we are what we do, and we are what we think. So choose to do and think wisely.

Those of us that are typically unhappy with our lives have ended up letting life sweep us up, rather than sweeping up at life. A self that is centred in itself is unmoved by the changing world around it. So, ask yourself: "What stories do I want to tell?" and, "Am I happy with the ones that I've already got?"

We often choose to believe that wishing hard enough is going to get us there, but this is sheer complacency. They say that "Believing is only half the battle," yet so few of us ever think to ask, "and, what comes after that?"