What Is Being Said All The Time?


Feb. 6, 2016, Toronto, ON - Everything in this universe gives off some signal; some resonance; some frequency. Drop a stone on the ground and that energy will vibrate out into infinitum until we declare it indistinguishable from the rest of the vibrations out in the universe. As seen in mathematics, this concept can be described similar in nature to that of an asymptote; some slope or value never reaching, but infinitely approaching zero. Energy (waves, particles, vibrations, heat, matter) can never be created nor destroyed -- only transformed.

If energy resonates out into infinitum, and everything gives off some signature, some signal, then what if we could tap into that frequency and channel it? Well, we can, and we do; all the time. Awareness is what serves as our antenna, our dial on the radio.

Think back to a time you had to buy a bag. On your way home from work, driving down the same road you have a thousand times before, you begin to see ads for bags that you had never noticed until then. In this scenario, you have finally tapped into the signal that these ads were giving out; merely because your attention and your awareness were now aligned.

Marketing is a great discipline that utilizes this same paradigm in order to tap into the deep recesses of our subconscious, aimed at guiding our awareness. However, unlike the self-governance of our own decision making, smart marketers will attempt to bombard our subconscious in hopes that one day we will feel some urge to purchase the very thing that they are promoting. And so, because the subconscious is always picking up on and holding onto things (though constantly filtering out these various signals for our daily benefit), these marketers will employ the "spray-and-pray" method. Now, what if we applied this same understanding from a self-governance standpoint, where we could actively choose what to set our focus on? Are there not signals all around us in every moment being filtered out by our minds that we could simply choose to tap into? Absolutely.

What is being said all the time that we are just not picking up on? Everything. Our universe is a bombarding spectrum of infinite sensoriums and inputs waiting to be tuned into and realized.

Given this newfound understanding, could we not then somehow agree that reading minds is completely possible? Could we not then somehow agree that knowing before knowing is completely possible? Could we not then somehow agree that clairvoyance is, again, totally in the realm of possibility? So, why not begin and choose to play with these energies? 

Though, who knows... It was just something interesting to think about.