Feb. 5, 2016, Toronto, ON - What is time, but some identifiable concept for the mind? Don’t get me wrong, time is very real. It’s measurable, it’s palpable, and it helps to direct our daily lives. What I'm saying is that: time is a concept for the mind

Without mind, what time is there to be had when there is no one there left to have it? Have you ever been in a flow state; a state of presence; a state in which you were completely and totally absorbed in the present moment? Such is the practice of no-mind --- an absence of time. “Where did all the time go,” you will begin to wonder; and yet, when in a state of presence (from here to here) there is no understanding or need for this concept of time at all.

Yes, the universe does hold with it the property of time; however, how many creatures are actually in a state of watching time? They are simply here for the sake of being here. It is only the mind that needs time. The mind is your instrument, but it is only able to exist in either the past or the future. When you stop to think about any such event that has just occurred, or think about your next move prior to making it, your attention has become split. You are trying to balance the present moment with some future or past state. Your energetic awareness is drained. In order to access the present moment, to be fully “in the zone,” one cannot be fixated on time at all --- one cannot allow their awareness to become split.

By looking at time in these terms, what is time but a concept or sensation for the mind; the medium of its existence; the space created for it to play? Thus, to truly come into the now, leave your mind behind; forget about the time passing you by; let go of what you have to do tomorrow; and start to take some time for yourself. Here, in the present moment.